2014 Tour Highlights: Summer 3D Film and Photography Camp

We are pleased to be teaming with Yuma Cultural for the 2014 tour. http://www.yumacultural.com

Beautiful Long Beach


Your tour is based in beautiful Long Beach, a seaside city near Los Angeles, California.

You can spot, amongst other wildlife, fish, jellies, dolphins, many sea birds and an occasional sea lion.  If in season, a midnight visit to see the famous Grunion Run (a natural phenomenon unique to California) can be arranged.

Long Beach is a college town, home to California State University, Long Beach.  CSULB is well known for its excellence in the Arts, and also features a strong Engineering department.  It is home to the monthly meeting of the Robotics Society of Southern California (RSSC), a gathering of  engineers, students and youth interested in Robotics.

Famous alumni of CSULB include Steve Martin (Actor and Comedian),  Steven Spielberg (filmmaker), Karen and Richard Carpenter (singers, pop duo).

3D Film and Photography Team


Please visit our web page dedicated to the biographies of the 3D Film and Photography team.

The team will work directly with the students to manipulate the video and photographs they have taken for use in the final short film product.

Performing Arts Director and Acting Coach


Please visit our web page dedicated to the biography of our Performing Arts Director and Acting Coach, Caprice Rothe.

Ms. Rothe will work with the students and provide direction on speech, language and more.

The Script

One or more scripts will be selected for use in the program.

The scripts are selected from contest entries in response to a contest held for the tour.

Host Families

Our host families are located in the Long Beach and surrounding areas.  Host families are encouraged to participate in the camp activities, and are sought out for their interest in the camp program.

Host families work in small groups with a host family coordinator.

The Long Beach Sea Base

The Long Beach Sea Base is a two-story, 20K plus square foot facility.  It has been used as a location space for many shows and includes, in addition to the many rooms, a private beach.


You will visit Universal Studios and participate in a film studio tour.

It’s Nice to Be The Queen: Historic Queen Mary


Your trip includes a stay at and tour of the beautiful Queen Mary, an historic ship which is also a hotel.

The Queen Mary was built in 1936, and was Cunard’s premier cruise ship for many years. Her many art deco features make her the destination for many lovers of marine history and art deco.

During World War II, she was used to ferry Allied soldiers across the Atlantic Ocean.

You may have seen the Queen Mary featured in many news reports on the major channels.

Aquarium of the Pacific

The Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific is renowned for its Weedy Sea Dragon and its Madagascar Penguin population.


Bus, Bus, Bus!

We have tried to include as many forms of transportation as possible, and you will be traveling by coach, school bus and the Big Red Bus, a local holiday way to travel.


School Bus


Big Red Party Bus


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