We are working with experts in Music, Robotics, 3D Film and Photography and LEGO Mindstorms NXT and EV3 to bring you unique educational experiences in cutting edge subjects for American students.  Program participants will be working directly with experts in their field of delivery.

3D Photography

Barry Rothstein

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Photographer Barry Rothstein is well known in the field of 3D Photography.  He has published many books in 3D photography and travels extensively in support of his work in 3D.  Books of Barry’s photographs includes: Phantograms from Nature, Western USA, Pop-Up 3D, Eye-Popping 3-D Pets, Eye-Popping 3-D Bugs, Crossview 3-D

Barry is driven to make great 3-D images. He has produced a large body of work, covering a broad range of subjects and has achieved a high level of sophistication in his work.


Professor Walter Martinez

College of Engineering Lecturer, California State University, Long Beach.

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Walter has made Robotics his life long passion.   Walter has competed in international televised competitions Battlebots (San Francisco), Robotica (Hollywood) and Robot Wars (England).  In these competitions, large robots were designed to battle and vanquish their robot competitors.  It is not unusual for Walter to harvest parts from power tools (e.g. blades and motors from power saws) for use in his robots.

Walter’s students learn advanced robot control, motors, power technologies and most importantly budget management, how to present a project and group collaboration.

Walter is president of the Robotics Society of Southern California, a well-established organization with special interest groups that include artificial intelligence and navigation.  The society has monthly competitions, with competitors of all ages participating.

Walter uses robot manipulators by Rhino,  Parallax’s BOEBot, Arduino, sonar, infrared, CMU cameras, Robotis Bioloid.

Walter also has a special research interest in human-robot interaction as a mechanism for socializing Autistic children.

LEGO Mindstorms NXT and EV3

Shared Science


Shared Science delivers engineering technology experiences to elementary and middle school youth in Long Beach, CA.  Shared Science’s teams have participated in FIRST LEGO League tournaments for the past 5 years, and have won multiple awards at FIRST LEGO League Regional Competitions.

Robotics Society of Southern California (RSSC)

The RSSC holds a monthly robotics meeting at California State University, Long Beach.  This meeting brings together robots of many different designs for a different challenge.  Challenge themes have included: Walking Robots, Fire Fighting Robots, City Navigating Robots and more.


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