Leading Edge Summer Education 2018


Leading Edge Summer Education 2018 is launching, in Long Beach, the world’s first educational program combining skills essential for tomorrow’s global competition.  Drawing on internationally recognized experts*, we will train teams of youth from elementary to high school ages in creativity, invention, robotics, language and team skills. We expect teams from several countries for two weeks of intense competition in invention and robotics, and they will compete with local teams who have been coached in these skills since early summer. 

We are working on connecting local youth and coaches with coaches and teams from other countries (China, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Trinidad).

If you are interested in volunteering for or sponsoring this program, please contact Trish Tsoi-A-Sue at info (at) etes.us

*Duane Wilson: Chair of the Board of Trustees, Creative Problem Solving Institute, Office of Continuous Improvement, Notre Dame University.  Will Wong: World Robot Olympiad, USA Organizer (WRO) International Invitational, based in Chicago.

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