World Robot Olympiad International and Multi-National Invitational 2018

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If you are a U.S.A. based team looking for registration information for the WRO So Cal Qualifier, please register here.

Two Options:

  • Multi National Team Formation & Competition: WRO International Invitational Monday-Saturday August 6-11
  • WRO U.S. West International Invitational Monday-Saturday August 6-11 for Competition Ready Teams

Multi-National Team Formation & Competition for WRO International Invitational (6 days, August 6-11)

Days 1-5: Competition Preparation

Adults: Coaches and educators, are teamed up with and prepare new teams of WRO participants for a mini competition.

Youth: Teams will prepare for a competition to be held on Friday afternoon with some modified rules. New and Continuing coaches participating in the WRO who are interested in continuing with participants registered for this week may make this information available during the week.

International WRO Coaches and educators experienced in the LEGO EV3 and WeDo will share their WRO experiences and their techniques with attendees.  Youth participating in the WRO U.S. West International Invitational will share their models and experiences with the student participants, and will jump start their learning in LEGO Robotics.

Day 6: U.S. West International and Multi-National Invitational Experience Saturday August 11th (Currently anticipated at the RSSC Meeting/CSULB)

In this event you will see the various levels of WRO competition.  New US teams will compete for the opportunity to advance to the national competition.  International teams will participate in the International Invitational awards.  The WRO U.S. West International Invitational and WRO So Cal Regional 2018 will be planned, coordinated and hosted by WRO USA Coordinator, Will Wong.

WRO U.S. West International Invitational for Competition Ready Teams (6 days Monday-Saturday August 6-11)

Advanced teams traveling for the competition only will hone their entry in our workspace.

How to Participate

Adult or Youth a la Carte Registration (program fees only)

Register a Coach/Adult or Youth (inclusive program, hotel, tours, meals)

Frequently Asked Questions

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