Summer Program 2016



We are pleased to be teaming in Summer 2016 with US based Makersville to provide game design, game development, robotics, Java programming as well as hands-on programs based on the Maker movement philosophy.

Educational Travel and Experiences: Summer Programs 2016

All ETES programs include:

  • Certificate of course completion for each one-week class session.

  • Small-ratio classes: max of 1:8 instructor/aide:youth ratio.

  • Mentoring approach to learning.  Every student is empowered to find something to share with others.
  • Afternoon hands-on sessions making things.  Time to explore, learn equipment and explore individual interests in our maker space
  • Courses are paced to the child’s abilities. Participants will be encouraged to explore at a level appropriate to their ages and abilities.

  • Lunch programs with creatives, inventors and entrepreneurs.

Our 2016 program is week-by-week

Ages 8-20 – $618

All programs are AM programs and include hands-on Makerspace sessions in the afternoon.

Week 1:June 20-24

Option 1: Contraptions

Students learn about artist and inventor Rube Goldberg and work to create complicated mechanisms to solve simple problems.

Option 2: Sound, Music and Instrument Making

Learn about the science of sound, experiment with simple household items and make instruments.

Option 3: Spanish Immersion Camp

An immersive week spent speaking and learning in Spanish.

Option 4: Graphics and Digital Design

Design a game character, your avatar or logo for your new business.

Week 2:June 27-July 1

Option 1: Java for Minecraft

Learn how to affect your Minecraft game, by creating graphics and behaviors for your Minecraft objects and blocks in Java.  Uses Eclipse as the Java interactive development environment, and open source program GIMP for image development.

Option 2: Digital and Analog Animation

Take the character you created in week 1, and learn to animate it.  Starting this week?  Design a character and animate it!

Week 3:July 11-July 15

Android Application Development in Java

*This is a youth-instructed program

High School students and software developers will share techniques in Android app development, the development environment and nurture students in game development.

Week 4:July 18-July 22

Java for Minecraft

Week 5:July 25-July 29

Java for Minecraft

Week 6: August 1-August 5

Digital Game Design

Learn the concepts of game design and game mechanics and work on your game in Construct 2 or Unity (Unity for continuing students).

Week 7: August 8-August 12

Wearable Art in Math

Learn about Tessellations, and create your own tessellations to execute on fabric, then sew your creation into a wearable piece of art!


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