Summer Program 2015


We are pleased to be teaming with US based Makersville to provide robotics and game development programs during the summer.

Educational Travel and Experiences: Summer Programs 2015

All ETES programs include:

  • Certificate of course completion for each one-week class session.

  • Small-ratio classes: max of 1:8 instructor/aide:youth ratio.

  • Breaks in the morning and afternoon. During breaks, students will learn how to walk like a robot, learn robot dances, and robotic movements.

  • Courses are paced to the child’s abilities. Participants will be encouraged to explore at a level appropriate to their ages and abilities.

  • Daily afternoon session for robot art exploration.

  • ETES Robots Rock memorabilia, including T shirt and water bottle.


Ages 8-12 – $799 per week ($2,349 3 week track)

Track 1, Week 1: LEGO EV3 Programming

Monday – Friday 9:30 – 3:00 PM July 20-24

Students learn programming concepts and the fundamentals of computing devices and in particular robotics engineering using the EV3 robotics platform. They will learn motor control, sensor readings through the EV3 brick and programming sequences, conditionals, and code blocks. By the end of class the students will be able to program EV3 models to move to predetermined distances, respond to environmental readings and perform other autonomous behaviors. Includes instruction in machine components like gears, pulleys, wheels, levers.

Track 1, Week 2: Robot Design with the EV3

Monday – Friday 9:30 – 3:00 PM July 27-31

Students are challenged to design problems and create robots to solve provided tasks that include line following, wall following, feats of strength, precision and speed. Robots will be matched against each other for the ultimate prize!

Track 1, Week 3: FIRST LEGO League Prep

Monday – Friday 9:30 – 3:00 PM August 3-7

For those preparing for competition in the fall, this class will discuss the elements of the FIRST LEGO League, cover the core values and the project. Students will be able to work with FIRST LEGO League challenges from several different years. For experienced EV3 participants and those who have taken the LEGO EV3 and/or Robot Design with the EV3 courses.


Ages 13-17 $999 per week. ($2,950 3 week track)

The EV3 is programmable in many ways other than with the block interface. Learn about Linux and programming the EV3 with code.

Track 2, Week 1: Java Programming Concepts and the LEGO EV3

Students will be introduced briefly to the visual programming interface of the EV3. They will quickly move to programming concepts flow of control, variables, code segments, specially with Java and as applied to the EV3.

Track 2, Week 2: Java Projects and the EV3
Students will build robots and control them in the Java programming language. Fundamentals of navigation, localization, balance, arm theory, behavior-based robotics.

Track 2, Week 3: EV3 Hacks

Learn what’s really inside an EV3. Discussions include hardware, software, hacking EV3’s Linux. Use components that reach beyond the EV3 product set to implement your own sensors. Arduino and the EV3. Students will execute projects that use electrical and electronic components.

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